How to Hide files without hiding! – 0% Suspicion Level


We all have private and sensitive data in our computers that needed to protected or hidden.

The most common way a newbie hides is either by using the inbuilt data hiding options in Folder Options(Windows OS) or by using any 3rd party apps.

What if i say that you can hide your data without actually hiding it?

I call this technique – Impostering
As the name suggests this involves a method by which a specific type of file is forced to appear as another type of file. For example, a pdf file is made to appear as an mp3 file.This is easier than it sounds.

The only software you need will be WinRar for this. Click Here

1.Install WinRar.


2.Right click the file or folder you want to imposter and left click Add to Archive.


3.Now a menu will pop up. Archive name field is the only important field here.


4.In the name field change the “.rar” to any other valid extention like “.mp3”.

5.Click Ok and now the software will do its work of compressing but the only difference is that the end product will be a mp3 file!

You have successfully impostered a file!!

To retrive the original data from the new file follow these simple steps

1.Right Click the file
2.Left Click Open With
3.Select WinRAR
4.The Data will be loaded automatically

PS: Another added advantage of this type of hiding is that it also compresses the data so it saves disk space!



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