DIY Portable Soil Tester


This product will be very useful to farmers and gardeners to monitor the health of soil. In the second part i will explain in detail about the logic behind the program and also the future scope and application of the project.

The links to the code , library and circuit diagram are given below.

Untitled Sketch 2_bb

The Arduino Code and Library is given below. It is in ZIP format.

Code and Libraries

This project is a cheap alternate to expensive soil testing kits currently in the market. The project displays the soil temperature , humidity and moisture level. With further calculation it can predict soil infiltration rate . Future implementation includes a swarm of such devices connected in a mesh to get sufficient data for farmers/dam construction/ road construction etc


How to Hide files without hiding! – 0% Suspicion Level


We all have private and sensitive data in our computers that needed to protected or hidden.

The most common way a newbie hides is either by using the inbuilt data hiding options in Folder Options(Windows OS) or by using any 3rd party apps.

What if i say that you can hide your data without actually hiding it?

I call this technique – Impostering
As the name suggests this involves a method by which a specific type of file is forced to appear as another type of file. For example, a pdf file is made to appear as an mp3 file.This is easier than it sounds.

The only software you need will be WinRar for this. Click Here

1.Install WinRar.


2.Right click the file or folder you want to imposter and left click Add to Archive.


3.Now a menu will pop up. Archive name field is the only important field here.


4.In the name field change the “.rar” to any other valid extention like “.mp3”.

5.Click Ok and now the software will do its work of compressing but the only difference is that the end product will be a mp3 file!

You have successfully impostered a file!!

To retrive the original data from the new file follow these simple steps

1.Right Click the file
2.Left Click Open With
3.Select WinRAR
4.The Data will be loaded automatically

PS: Another added advantage of this type of hiding is that it also compresses the data so it saves disk space!


How to reveal saved passwords? – Hack FB,Twitter etc


Another good title is “Why you shouldn’t be an idiot and save your passwords in any browser pretty much….ever?”

This is a simple hack allows users to retrieve saved passwords of any online accounts.

This is not really hacking but still the aim of this post is to educate people on how easy it is to retrieve a saved password

Usually these kinds of saved password’s are hidden from users with the star dot like characters.


As the account is already logged in any user who uses that device can obviously get into the account, but he or she still doesn’t know the password

Imagine if that person got hold of your password. This empowers them to reset the password(Password modification requires reentering of old password)and change it.
Thus you will loose complete control of your account

This is how easy it is to do it:

1. Right-click the password box and select “Inspect Element.” This brings up the developer console. 


2. Right click Inspect Element you’ll see the DOM popup on the button of your browser window like so:


3.Find this line from the popup.


4.Now modify it as this and press enter.


When you’ve done that hit enter and take a look back at the password field on the webpage you’ll see that the************’s are now gone and the password is fully shown in plain text!


You can use that method in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, whatever.So moral of the story is basically don’t save your passwords in your browser. It doesn’t matter if it’s Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. It’s a massively horrible idea. If you want to save your passwords and be secure about it get 1Password. I’m starting to think that  1Password+ 2 Step Authentication is the only safe way to be online these days!

Disclaimer:All the information in this site is meant for developing Hacker Defense attitude among the readers and help preventing the hack attacks. I insists that this information shall not be used for causing any kind of damage directly or indirectly.